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Advance Technology Supplier is commited to being a service provider of fitness equipment.


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Advance Technology Supplier is a company engaged in the supply of premium quality fitness equipment since 2011 supported with the most complete facilities and competitive price, and continues to commit to provide the best and the most complete supply of fitness equipment at affordable prices.

Along with the increasing public awareness of healthy lifestyles, the need for a Gym has become a necessity that is also a priority. Business sector engaged in the field of Fitness Center will keep being a most needed sector, as it is because everyone needs to be healthy regardless of age or young, and not just for a health, Fitness Center also be a place for many people to maintain the appearance of various kinds of circles and professions.

Our company supports the pattern of such needs by Gym providing The most complete Gym equipment’s, we have been cooperate and continue to supply the needs of various types of Fitness equipment , ranging from the government sector to the fitness Center, both large and have a famous brand, as well as to those as newly established and growing Fitness Center, in addition we also supply to Companies, Hotels, Residentials Apartments, etc.

Our commitment is to continue to provide service of gym equipment and installation of gym equipment to all of our customer in Indonesia and overseas in advance.

Authorized distributor of licensed imported fitness equipment

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